Quickly transfer your payments and direct debits to your new account

Anyone who decides to open a new account is faced with many questions: "How do I inform my old bank?", "How do I set up my direct debits again?". Taking advantage of an Account Switching Service makes the process easier.

When you change banks, opting for the Account Switching Service allows you to easily, quickly and free of charge inform your payment partners of your new bank details!

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If you used the online banking access for your old account, payment partners such as creditors, energy suppliers, insurance companies, etc., can be identified automatically. If not, you can select them manually from our database. Your payment partners will then be informed of your new bank details.

This is how the online Account Switching Service works:
  1. Automatic identification of payment partners
  2. We send your information to payment partners
  3. Online monitoring of progress

To use the Account Switching Service, simply log in using your IBAN. If you are already registered, click here. If not, please create your account by clicking here.