Terms of use for the Account Switching Service

Yes, I would like to use the Revolut Account Switching Service for myself. Therefore, I instruct Revolut to transmit my new Revolut account details to the persons or offices (payment partners) I have selected with whom I have a permanent, account related payment relationship. In order to enable my payment partners to identify my payment data and to assign them correctly, it may be essential, depending on the respective payment partner, to also transmit personal data and any other information I may have to enter, e.g. customer number, contract number, telephone number, etc. I release Revolut from banking secrecy in this respect. I agree that my personal data and other information may be transmitted electronically via email, and I also release Revolut from banking secrecy in this respect.

The payment partners I have selected are asked in the message to only use my new account details at Revolut for the collection of direct debits or credits.

By submitting the relevant data and information for transmission to the address of the selected payment partner, Revolut fulfills all of the obligations it has assumed as part of its Account Switching Service. In particular, Revolut assumes no liability for access to the data and information it has submitted for transmission to the payment partner. Nor can I hold Revolut responsible if my payment partner fails to use my new Revolut account details to collect direct debits or credits despite access to the data and information.

Revolut does not check whether the payment partners have successfully implemented the desired account switch. In order to be certain, I have to check the use of the new account details by the payment partner on the basis of my account statements.